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No Patients Left Alone Act - SB 988


Florida Governor Ron DeSantis signed SB 988 into law.  ​The No Patient Left Alone Act, to guarantee Florida families the fundamental right to visit their loved ones who are receiving care in hospitals, hospices, nursing homes, assisted living facilities, and intermediate care facilities for the developmentally disabled (long-term care facilities). No health care facility in Florida may require a vaccine as a condition of visitation and every health care facility must allow their residents and patients to be hugged by their loved ones.

SB 988 states that all hospitals, hospices, and long-term care facilities visitation policies and procedures must allow for in-person visitation in all the following circumstances, unless the resident, client, or patient objects:

End-of-life situations.
A resident, client, or patient who was living with family before being admitted to the provider’s care is struggling with the change in environment and lack of in-person family support.
A resident, client, or patient is making one or more major medical decisions.
A resident, client, or patient is experiencing emotional distress or grieving the loss of a friend or family member who recently died.
A resident, client, or patient needs cueing or encouragement to eat or drink which was previously provided by a family member or caregiver.
A resident, client, or patient who used to talk and interact with others is seldom speaking.
For hospitals, childbirth, including labor and delivery.
Pediatric patients

Additionally, the bill allows a resident, client, or patient the option to designate a visitor who is a family member, friend, guardian, or other individual as an essential caregiver. The provider must allow in-person visitation by the essential caregiver for at least two hours daily in addition to any other visitation authorized by the provider.

Nursing homes and assisted living facilities must also ensure their policies and procedures meet or exceed the standards included in SS 400.022(1)(b) and 429.28(1)(d).


o    Families will be allowed to visit their loved ones at each facility.  Please call and make an appointment in advance.

o    Available appointment times are 9 am to 9 pm Monday through Sunday; Special accommodations will be made earlier or later if needed on an              individual basis

o    Each visitor must sign in and sign out when visiting their loved ones

o    Sign In/Sign Out Log is located in the foyer of each of the facilities

o    Visitors must refrain from visiting their loved ones under the following conditions:

       1.  Signs or symptoms of COVID-19

       2.  Signs or symptoms of other viruses/communicable disease

       3.  Temperature of 99 degrees or higher